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Show youre mother some respect

Why do humans, and specifi cally my generation, continue to throw cigarettes on the damn ground?
Each morning I rise with the sun, and my emotions are somewhat stable. My coffee is warm topped with a pinch of cinnamon, and my bike ride is accompanied by my favorite music and deep inhalations of “fresh” air. Life is pretty peachy, yeah? As I approach the spaceship looking university, I have called school for the past 3 years, my high vibrations and somewhat stable emotions begin to hit a bit of a wobble. “Why Jody?” Well, my sweet souls, human beings can truly be thoughtless. The ground that our sweet feet walk on holds home to hundreds, if not thousands of little orange devils.

Stompie (South African Slang)
01. “To pick up stompies” is to join a conversation and completely misunderstand what is being said and therefore assume the topic at hand.
02. A short man.
03. A cigarette butt.

Back home, in South Africa, the phrase “picking up stompies” is used daily. People who jump on the edge of a conversation and into the depth of assumption get scolded at for picking up stompies. I fi nd it interesting that
the Dutch culture is known for being direct, when South Africans will roast you alive with honesty at the best of times, we call this banter. My point does not focus on the butt of a small man silly, no, my point revolves around the butt of the cigarette you were about to throw on the floor. Are we seriously still doing this?

Sintija Krastenberga, a student here in Leeuwarden, has recently taken it upon herself to do something to acknowledge the self-destructive behaviors of society and naturally, notice the self-destructive behaviors in ourselves too. Sintija has been working in the entertainment industry for a while now but soon realized it was about time to use her skills and passion for something that “serves the larger society and planet.” She began an Instagram platform called Your Sustainability Guide, which focuses on sustainable initiatives in and around Leeuwarden. From jewelry, to cotton pads, to student discounts at the organic market
ECOPLAZA, this platform is not focused on ramming information down our throats, it’s focused on simple tips and tricks on how to live a more conscious life.

“Observe the environment, what is happening locally and in the world, and then talk and work with people who are driven by the same purpose. It is important to keep it simple and actionable. Meet people where they are at in their journey.” – Sintija Krastenberga

After speaking with Sintija and gaining a better understanding of her momentum with YSG, I began to feel less annoyed at some people’s “ignorance”. The fact is it is not ignorance. This is 2021 and information on climate change and sustainability is all over the show. Excuses for throwing your stompies on the fl oor is completely outdated. We know our Mother Nature is at risk yet we continue to live mindlessly. “Why Jody?” Well again my sweet souls, it is simply habit. Just as you habitually get back with your ex because it feels comfortable, living mindlessly is and has been a habit and behavior for generations.

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