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An interesting internship and bidding the 058 farewel

The time is slowly approaching for a big chunk of dear school mates, and best friends, to leave this little slice of apple pie we call our temporary home. The new year will bring a fresh batch of confused fi rst years, while the oldies pack their bags and bid farewell to the space where we learned a tremendous amount about ourselves and those around us.

This place becomes a haven of comfort and familiarity. Being so small and quaint a bond, or intimacy, is formed. The people become family, and the place becomes so incredibly well known. It is a bittersweet feeling heading off to have a taste of “the real” world, but alas life must go on outside of Leeuwarden.
For Jonas, the adaptation from Leeuwarden to Copenhagen was not as drastic as we might think it ought to be. “If I compare the two, Copenhagen if obviously much bigger, but they are very similar in culture and set up. Culturally speaking, Copenhagen is a lot like Leeuwarden, but there is more action and options.”

Interning at a start-up company, Jonas Diercks develops content solutions for consumers to access the art scene. His internship company focuses on connecting art galleries to art collectors and his role is to produce an audio-visual concept for the team. His internship has had a massive impact on his research skills as he has had to dive deep into the art scene and visit a lot of museums and galleries during his time in Denmark. Because of the Design Based Education (DBE) system NHL Stenden now follows, transitioning into his internship felt very smooth. Studying Creative Business has a ssimilar context to that of his iternsship.

“It’s interesting to dive into a topic much deeper than i did before”

Jonas’s degree has prepared him quite well for the field he is working in with his internship company. The field is very much hands on and fl exible. It has gradually prepared him for a work fi eld that’s not always planned out. There are always some changes and things that have to be considered. There are always things that can go wrong, challenges are just there, and we have to deal with them. This is much like life and it’s up and down character.

“Adjusting and being fl exible is something that I really learned at university. It has helped a lot. The way I learned to approach problems and issues in school was helpful because it didn’t make me stuck to certain ideas. Seeing things from different perspectives and speaking to people from different cultures truly helped me.”

Although striving for greater opportunity in Denmark, Jonas dearly misses the fries from the market. Who wouldn’t when living in The Netherlands? Naturally I think the highlight of a week in Leeuwarden is the Friday Market. At least for me anyways. Coming together with loved ones and enjoying the warm atmosphere always starts the weekend off on a positive note. The fact that Leeuwarden is so small allows for a certain type of spontaneity. Everyone and everything are close by. Catching up with a coffee is always an ease. This is something we might take granted and only realize its worth once we find ourselves in a bigger bolder city for the next chapter of our careers.

Sometimes Leeuwarden can feel stagnant. Sometimes it can feel like time is not moving at all (thanks Rona), until one day you wake up and realize you are nearly at the end. Some days are long, but you look back and realize the years have been so short. The foundation that you fought so hard to build will be swept from underneath you as you merge your way into being the new student again. The intern. The bottom of the barrel. With this we must strive to find gratitude and grace. Using all that we have gained, through our degree, friendships, and experiences, to create the future of our dreams. I mean, whatever that may be, who knows what will happen in the world next? Zombie apocalypse? Kim and Kanye back together? Corona drama lasting for the rest of our lives. The least we can do is express love for those who have been on the journey with us, and gratitude to our internship companies for taking on TikTokkers and the Gen Z.

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